Considered to be one of the leading pioneers of Virgin Islands Roots Reggae, Ras Batch has put in a tremendous amount of works in helping to push the conscious music around the globe.  Born on the island of St Croix, Virgin Islands, Ras Batch is the founder of Sound Vizion Records. His contributions are as a vocalist, song writer, producer, drummer, engineer, promoter and more. Ras Batch began his musical career in Boston in the early 90's as a drummer and lead vocalist of the Motion Band, which won Boston's Caribbean Best  Reggae Band for 5 years consecutively as a supporting band and independently performing throughout the eastern US.

With the establishing of Sound Vizion Records in 1999, Ras Batch ventured into production and also began recording as a solo atist. With production credits on over two dozen albuns including seven solo releases. Themes of faith, courage, and righteousness, "Who You Are" debut in 2003 with great acclaim with the anthems "Lift Up Your Conciousness". "Ah Rulah" and "Fountain". Ras Batch's strictly conscious, fiery yet fluid chanting has consistently garnered new fans of his music to the four corners of the globe. Followed by "Keep The Faith" (2004), "Jah Guidance" (2005), "To The Root" (2006), "Iver Strong" (2007), "Vizionary" (2008), and "Know Thyself" (2012), Ras Batch has solidified his position as one of St.Croix, Virgin Islands' most prolific roots artist and producers. Ras Batch also appears on numerous compilation cds as well as recordings with artists and companies like Ras Attitude, Pressure, Dezarie, Ima, Army, Niyorah, I Grade Records, Itation Records, to name a few.

With the latest release in 2017 of the new album "Rootz And Kulcha" Ras Batch once again gives us more inspirational lyrics alongside rhythmic, vibrational, reggae dubs.

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